Zine history

I was in Toronto over the weekend visiting my parents. Whenever I’m there, I like flipping through my zine collection, most of which I left behind. I normally read other people’s zines, but since I was looking for something in particular, I started going through my own. There’s no way in hell I will ever reprint any of these zines, but I’m glad I still have reminders of them. I don’t have copies of every single issue, but I do have the flats, at least. Anyway, I snapped a few photos of them.

Various issues of Melt the Snow
Here’s Melt the Snow #4,5,6,7,8, 10, 11, 12, 13. Issues 1,2 and 3 are old and I made very few copies of them. Issue #9 is a mystery to me – I don’t remember what it looks like or what I wrote about. I was pretty good at keeping up the bare-branch tree motif (except for 13, but that was the last issue of mts and I was starting to get bored of the trees, I guess). My personal favourites are #11 (the repeating tree lino print) and #12, the two toned lino print.

A page from mts #8, I think
Here’s a page from #8, I think. This is the kind of design I liked most, but only sporadically achieved – I like the nostalgic photcopied old photos, the smudgy hand drawn lines, that particular computer font. That photo is of my grandparents.

The Second Part #1
After mts, I started “The Second Part”. This is the first issue, with fancy Print Gocco covers. Yes, that’s David Byrne. He became the coverboy when his print turned out to be the most successful of the ones I was testing out at the time. I should credit the photographer, but I photocopied it from a book and I don’t know his name. Either way, I like the way it turned out.

I ended up bringing back most of my zines with me to Montreal, and over time will pick out some of the less embarassing pages to scan. In the meantime, you can peak through my personal archive over here.

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