Two things

I got some nice responses to my first Scrapbook entry of 2012, and I really appreciate it. Sometimes it’s funny having a blog and not knowing who’s out there, so it feels good to get little notes from the Internet world letting me know that there are real people out there reading these words. Thank you.

Two unrelated things:

1) Just wanted to point you in the direction of Carin Makuz’s blog, Matilda Magtree, where she was kind enough to interview me. Carin and I go back to the Humber days. Her site is worth keeping in your bookmarks – thoughtful and beautifully written with great photos as well. And she picks a perfectly appropriate meal to accompany my book.

2) When I was in Toronto over the holidays, I picked up a bunch of my old zines. I’m going to scan some of the less embarrassing pages for an experiment I’d like to do this year to teach myself the basics of e-publishing. In the spirit of the recently released Magnetic Fields song, here’s a sample of a page from melt the snow #5, created at the height of my Magnetic Fields fandom (click to get a larger image so that you can actually read the teeny tiny type).

2 thoughts on “Two things

  1. I love this. I love how you’re taking what you’ve created in the past and bringing it forward.
    Now I’m off to check out that song.

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