The Second Part

It’s pretty obvious, but these days I’m spending a lot of time in front of a computer. And sometimes I’ll link to things I like here or on Twitter, but more often than not I don’t. So, I started a Tumblr to collect random images, videos, songs, text, interviews, etc. that I find online and want to share.

In the first entry I explained the name, which is from a Stephen Dixon story:

I named my second zine after this story. Now that we’re living in the future, I was able to find the story on Google books, 7 am on a Saturday morning when I’m up too early, a little hungover, telling myself I should get up, get dressed, take a walk in that brisk Montreal winter air and get some coffee and then just write. But, first I reread the Stephen Dixon story and remembered why I loved it so much, and why I like it even more now that I’m writing more seriously. You make such ridiculous promises to yourself as you’re writing, set the most insane expectations. And in this short, short story everything comes true. You finish your novel and the dead are resurrected.

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