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This is awful – funding cuts to literary magazines with a circulation of less than 5000 would be disasterous, not just for beginner writers like me who rely on these magazines for potential outlets for publication, but for the reading population in general. There is so much amazing stuff that gets published in these magazines (for instance, I was reading the latest issue of Matrix on the metro this morning, and it’s fabulous).

Here is what’s written on the Facebook site for the Coalition to Keep Canadian Heritage Support for Literary and Arts Magazines:

Canadian literary and arts magazines publishing in either English and French are in danger of losing a key federal funding source.On February 17, 2009, Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore announced in a speech he made in Montreal ( that the Canada Magazine Fund and Publishing Assistance Program will be merged to create the Canada Periodical Fund. Initiatives from this new body will come on stream in 2010. Departing from his prepared remarks, James Moore indicated that eligiblity for funding could potentially be restricted to those magazines with an annual circulation above 5000.

With a few exceptions, the circulation of virtually every Canadian literary and arts magazine, large and small, is below 5000. We have to make sure this possibility does not become an actuality, for if it does, as April 1, 2010, these important and praiseworthy magazines will no longer qualify for funding that they have been receiving for years from the CMF and PAP despite the excellent work that they undertake for the readers and writers across Canada (and around the world)! The Coalition to Keep Canadian Heritage Support for Literary and Arts Magazine feels strongly that to render these magazines ineligible for this support would be unjust. To quote Andris Taskans, editor of Prairie Fire, to do so would be “a slap in the face”—not only to the magazines themselves but to the many writers that they publish, many of whom began illustrious, international careers in these seminal if modest publcations. To do so would also be a “slap in the face” to the ordinary (and extraordinary) Canadians who read them.

By joining the Coalition, readers and writers everywhere send a strong message to the Honorable James Moore, the Department of Canadian Heritage, and the Canada Periodical Fund that we believe in our literary and arts magazines and feel that they should continue to do so by supporting them through well-deserved and sustained financial support. To do so, would be the cheapest economic stimulus package the Government of Canada could initiate. Every single dollar granted to us or paid to us by a subscriber or a newsstand buyer goes back into the economy. Put it this way, when Canadians get into their Chrysler and GM cars, they have to drive somewhere. A lot of them drive to their newsstands and bookstores to buy a literary or arts magazine.Say yes to continued Canadian Heritage funding through the Canada Periodical Fund for Canada’s arts and literary magazines!Say yes to the writers and readers of Canada!For more details about these potential funding cuts, read coverage that appeared on the Quill & Quire website on February 20 and 24, 2009 (scroll through the news section to read both stories):(

You can join the Facebook group over here:

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