Summer, part 1.


The first summery weekend of the year feels like a triumph of sorts, like we have made it, we have survived the winter and the cold and the early nights and this is our reward, these long, glorious days, nevermind the occasional rain shower. There’s something about the extended days that makes everything a little lighter, a little easier. This weekend there was sangria, treasures purchased at various garage sales all over the neighbourhood, art on display in parks, an apricot cake and a rhubarb crumble, the first farmer’s market visit of the year, iced coffees, home renovations (let’s be honest: I didn’t participate in those as much as I cheered from the sidelines and baked), walks on the beach, family visits. After some scary news, I am even more aware of how precious this is, how important it is to squeeze as much goodness as you can out of these days, and how much I plan on doing that this summer.

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