Stealing Genius

Expozine was as overwhelming as I’d expected it to be, but still so satisfying. I came home with a book, some Endless Banquet apricot pansy jam, some wonderful zines (like, QSL USA, a fascinating collection of CB radio calling cards by an old zine friend) and a pair of amazing typewriter key earrings by Misssoka.

Did you get a copy of Stealing Genius with your copy of Matrix? Lesley and I met on Friday evening at the Gare Centrale, plunked down at a table, pulled out some scissors, tape and old copies of Choose Your Own Adventure books and put it all together. We chose the Gare Centrale because of its proximity to a copy shop, and we managed to get the zine done and copy it within 10 minutes of the place closing. Success!

Stealing Genius

Stealing Genius is a collection of various writing from most of the members of the QWF Workshop lead by Jon Paul Fiorentino between September-November 2007 (Albert Cohen, Anurag Dhir, Bettina Grassmann, Josh Levy, Julie Mahfood, Kristina Mainville, C.J. Miller, Lesley Trites and Teri Vlassopoulos). There are excerpts from novels and short stories, poems, even a bit of a screenplay, and an introduction from Jon. Our group is pretty diverse (in ages, professions and writing styles), but I’m really proud of this little collection. If you’re interested in getting a copy, drop me a line.

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