Scrapbook #6: A Quick Trip


My dear friend Soraya was celebrating her birthday in Toronto this weekend, so Andrew and I seized the opportunity to see her and her boyfriend, Chris, and drove from Montreal for a quick Friday – Sunday visit . When we pulled into my parents’ driveway late on Friday night, it felt like spring, and smelled like it too – moist and loamy and dark green. Saturday it rained non-stop and melted all the leftover snow banks. When I woke up on Sunday morning, however, I looked out the window and everything was white. By the time we made it back to Montreal, a winter storm warning was in effect, and then this Monday morning a huge storm raged outside. All within 36 hours.

But the trip to Toronto was wonderful, even if it was too short. We hid from the rain in Chris’ cozy apartment and while the guys caught up on photography talk, Soraya and I caught up on feelings. We ate warm bowls of pasta at an Italian restaurant and had the fudgiest Nutella cake for desert. On Sunday Andrew and I managed to have brunch with my mother and then squeeze in a date with Samantha and Jason at a cute café near Trinity Bellwoods park. We drank warm pots of tea, I ate an amazing chocolate chip cookie, and we launched right into always inspiring conversations about writing and making things. It may have been a quick weekend, but it was so good for the soul.


Before leaving my parents’ house, I found this picture of me as a 3 day old baby, chubby, blotchy and red-faced. I have a freakish amount of hair and I’m looking up at my mom, slightly puzzled about the world I’ve been thrust into. More than thirty years later, I recognize that look; I still feel it from time to time, but hopefully less so than I did back then.

9 thoughts on “Scrapbook #6: A Quick Trip

  1. Baby Teri! So adorable. Sorry to have missed you but it sounds like a perfect whirlwind weekend.

    PS. I was told Robarts is shaped like a turkey, but it makes more sense as a peacock.
    PPS. I went to Dance Cave in the fall with some people from my program (in a rare moment of weeknight debauchery) and I remember how you took us there back in 2004!

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