Scrapbook #3: Heart-shaped ravioli

I’ve been writing all afternoon, or trying to write, and words are hurting my head.


I’ve only used my pasta roller Kitchenaid attachment once, and on a cold winter evening it sounded like it would be fun to finally use again. Some flour, eggs and water for the dough. I don’t have a ravioli cutter and thought I could use a glass instead, but the edges were too dull and didn’t cut through the layers cleanly. So, I broke out the cookie cutters and heart shaped raviolis were born. And they were good.

I’ve been listening to this song too much.


You should do this sometime: drive an hour outside of the city to a lake that’s frozen solid with an 8 km path cleared so that anyone can skate along it, or take walks with their dogs or their families or by themselves. If you don’t have skates it costs $5 an hour to rent them. Resolve to buy your own skates afterwards.

The Inbetweeners! Why didn’t I know about this show before?

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