Scrapbook #23: A good weekend.

Some weekends are better than others, and the one that just passed was one of them. It started with a night at an arena watching some favourite bands. It was the kind of show where, at the end of the night, they cut the mics and the entire arena sings along to the last song. Like this:

And then there was some baking. Crack Pie and a Red Velvet cake. These were then brought to a Christmas party in the evening and devoured by 10 of us. Everyone contributed something to the meal, so there was rack of lamb and two kinds of potatoes and roasted beets and smoked salmon and cheese and wine. Some fruit too, for good measure.


There was a good brunch that involved breakfast sandwiches with two types of sausages and perfectly fried eggs and hash browns made with fingerling potatoes. And coffee:


It was somebody’s birthday. (Hint: not mine.)


There was a little bit of decorating for Christmas, the kind where you don’t really have room for a tree, and you won’t be there on Christmas Day anyway, but at least you can stick some branches with red berries in a vase to make your home feel more festive:


And then, after all of that, there was a Christmas concert, but not just any Christmas concert, one put on by the Wainwright-McGarrigles where they sang Christmas songs and quasi-Christmas songs and ended the night with a group sing along to Silent Night.


December! You are always a good month.

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