Scrapbook #22: It Chooses You.


Work is busy these days, and so this week has felt long, and I’ve been despairing a little bit about my lack of time to work on Projects, although the truth is that I am currently between Projects, in that space where I’m waiting for comments on the one that’s completed and in the thinking stages of the next one, although the thinking I’m doing is more akin to daydreaming about how perfect it will be when it’s finished, and not at all about what I should do to get the damn thing actually started.


There aren’t any leaves left on the trees. It snowed for the first time in Montreal on Thursday night, but very briefly. We went to Vermont on the weekend and there’s this route home we take sometimes that goes through the Champlain Islands. You’re driving on one long skinny road (causeway?) surrounded by water on both sides. It was windy, and despite the cold and rumours of snow, there were windsurfers out in the distance who seemed to be sailing as fast as the car. I like this drive. It makes me feel hopeful.

Miranda July reading from It Chooses You

Something else that made me feel hopeful this week was seeing Miranda July on Monday, who was in town to read from her newest book. Sarah took the picture above (and also provided me a ticket!). It was a great reading. It Chooses You is a collection of interviews Miranda conducted with strangers met from Penny Savers classified ads, but it’s also a book about creating, the Internet, feeling stuck and trying to be open to the universe and feeling silly about it, but then still stumbling upon moments that just make fantastically cosmic sense. It’s a lovely book.

Universe, I’m open to you, or whatever.

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