Scrapbook #2: Time


Too many consecutive late nights at the office over the past two weeks has made me preoccupied with time. Namely, not having time to write. How did people do it, I wondered: work and write? It was too hard to do it all! It wasn’t just hard; it was impossible.

(I know, cue tiny violins.)

A good night’s rest and a Saturday afternoon doing lovely weekend-y things has given me perspective. I’ve always done the working and writing thing; it’s something I can do. It’s just a matter of getting back into the habit again. Which means: back to Sundays at the kitchen table, back to printing pages out and reading them over at the foodcourt at lunch, back to typing on my laptop in bed on weekday nights, even just a little bit. Back to remembering that writing isn’t such a precious, precarious activity. Write like a motherfucker.

And I’ve found time to enjoy other things these days. Loudon Wainwright III’s Album I, the first season of Downton Abbey, Shame, Patrick DeWitt’s The Sisters Brothers. Today I saw photos from Taryn Simon’s series, An American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar. It’s so great: “an inventory of what lies hidden and out-of-view within the borders of the United States” and includes portraits of inbred tigers, a braile version of Playboy, sunken nuclear waste and more. (If you don’t trust my opinion, maybe Salman Rushdie will convince you?) If you live in Montreal, you can see these photos for free at the DHC.

So there is time. It’s just a matter of organizing it.

4 thoughts on “Scrapbook #2: Time

  1. I am the WORST non-writer – I can find any excuse, anytime, anywhere. When I am caught up in something else (ie trying keep the kid functioning) I can run full plotlines in my head and think of the best first paragraphs ever. But as soon as I get to a keyboard or a notebook it all gets buried. I like the laptop in bed idea to get SOMETHING down before sleep.

    • Yeah, a lot of people say not to do work in bed or whatever, but I actually get a lot done when I’m comfy and in that kind of lucid/relaxed state.

      Incidentally, I feel sheepish complaining about “not having time” when I talk to people who, like you, have kids and are RESPONSIBLE FOR HUMAN LIFE. That’s an entirely different kind of juggling!

  2. I’m glad you’ve remembered that you know how to do this (and have done it before!) I’m giving myself the same pep talk these days. (Now if I finally spring for the Dear Sugar mug, will I be that much more inspired? I say yes, but my credit card says no. :) )

    And I think I’m going to try writing in bed on weeknights! I’ve never really given this a serious try before…and I also have a hard time getting anything done on weeknights at all.

    • The Sugar mug is worth saving up for! It has special powers – trust me.

      And, yessss, I’m going to be responsible for a bunch of people starting the bad habit of writing in bed. My job here is done.

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