Scrapbook #2: Ottawa

Ottawa - Biennale

Montreal is cold and sunny these days, the kind of cold that makes the snow squeaky and your face hurt. We briefly considered outdoor, wintery activities and then decided against it, headed to the car instead, filled up the tank, stopped at Tim Hortons for bad coffee and bagels and then drove down to Ottawa, where it was similarly cold, but at least different. There’s nothing like a last minute roadtrip to combat winter blues. The highway was empty and we passed many groups of people ice fishing out on the water in the distance, their trucks or snowmobiles nearby, their huts probably stocked well with alcohol. We went to the National Gallery to check out the 2010 Canadian Biennial. There’s me, above, walking in one of the sculptures/installations. I don’t remember the artist, but we were kindly asked to remove our shoes before entering. There are my boots, and then beyond that, Andrew studying some photography on the wall.

Ottawa - Murray St

Afterwards it was the in-between time of the day, not lunch, not dinner, so we went to Murray Street for charcuterie, wine and beer. Some elk terrine (much chewier than expected), some Niagara prosciutto, a trio of cheeses from small villages in Quebec. We ate it all. The restaurant isn’t busy at this time of day, just the workers getting ready for the dinner rush and cleaning up after brunch, and we sat in the quiet room and made plans for the rest of the day, for the next day, the future.

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