Scrapbook #19: Camping

First: A quick reminder that the Fiction Funnies event I’m reading at is Wednesday – tomorrow! It would be lovely to see you, fellow Montrealers. (Details: here or here or here.)


It’s a rare thing, these days, for me to go more than 24 hours without Internet access. 3G means I can check email or write a Twitter update or Facebook status or Instagram my surroundings pretty much anywhere as long as I’m willing to pay data roaming fees, and I am often willing to pay data roaming fees. (Sigh.) But then occasionally I’m somewhere where I don’t even have the option. The middle of the desert, for instance. And, most recently, a few days in the woods in Vermont. Amazing tall trees, lakes and rivers to swim and canoe in, but no Wifi. Vermont always feels kind of magic to me – there are bakeries and craft beer pubs and bookstores and farmer stands in just about every little town you happen to pass through. We experienced all of those things, and then because we were camping, also threw in equal measures of fresh air, campfire, outdoor cooking and reading. It was really, really nice.

Here are a bunch of pictures.















4 thoughts on “Scrapbook #19: Camping

  1. Vermont IS magic! E and I are more planners than wanderers, but the one day we spent just hanging out in Stowe two summers ago is a memory that sticks with me as much if not more than our days in Paris and St. Lucia.

    • Thank you, Carin! And ha, I pretty much wore the same thing for 3 days straight and didn’t shower once so…. glad it doesn’t appear as such in the photos ;)

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