Scrapbook #18: Summer.

These summer days are passing by in waves of frantic activity followed by humid, languid sloth. What is summer if not a chance to fit in as much travel into as little time as possible and if you’re not doing that then pushing the boundaries of just how many hours you can spend laying around a park and drinking a bottle of wine? I’ve been doing both, although I could do with more of the latter – I’m admittedly a little tired these days and feeling behind on things I want to do, even if some of those “things” are not particularly important, like “bake a pie”. Still – no complaints.


But I’m feeling quiet, blog-wise. I was in Toronto over the weekend for a dear friend’s wedding. The weekend was perfect: the weather was beautiful, the wedding made me weepy-happy, I ate fried chicken and waffles at The Stockyards for late brunch the next day and we got to see Soraya and Chris twice as we passed through Kingston between Toronto and Montreal. On our way home Andrew and I stopped along the St. Lawrence River – the light was nice and it seemed a shame to be in the car. I dipped my feet in the water and it was warm and we decided we might as well go swimming. I wore my underwear and one of Andrew’s t-shirts and we swam in the warm, wavy water and when we were done we wrung out our clothes and got back in the car. Drove into Montreal later than expected, so I was tired at work the next day, but for good reason.

It’s best to do these things in the summer, to soak up all that lovely golden light. I hope you’re doing the same.

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