Recap: Toronto pt. 2

Rememberer launch!

I can’t believe that these Toronto book launches were only a little more than a week ago – it feels like it’s been ages since then. But, before it slips away, let’s get it down on paper.

Rememberer launch!Jenner addresses the crowd

So, Katie and Jenner organized a separate Rememberer launch the next day, which was a fantastic idea – double the parties! It was held at 107 Shaw, a gallery space at the corner of Queen and Shaw. It’s a perfect spot for a reading/party: a DJ set up at the front, the room was a good size, and the sweet gallery owners had enough PBR on hand for the crowd. There was even a resident cat.

Rememberer launch!Katie reads

It was nice to get the chance to read my Rememberer story and the group of people assembled were good listeners. But it was even better getting the chance to really concentrate on Jenner and Katie’s readings. I’d been a bundle of nerves at the previous two readings and found it hard to concentrate, but on Tuesday evening I was relaxed enough to really pay attention. Their stories are beautiful, as are the rest in Rememberer, so please buy a copy if you haven’t already.

The rest of my trip to Toronto was filled with things like brunch at tried and true places like Aunties & Uncles and The Rosedale Diner, some pizza from Pizzeria Libretto, hanging out with my parents, book buying at Book City, etc. I sometimes miss Toronto more than other times, and this was one of those instances when it hurt my heart a little to leave.

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