Recap: Montreal launch

Montreal launch!Bow on my dress + books in the background

The book launches are over and I’m back in Montreal. The past few days have been so great. Overwhelming in a good way – full of fun and so many hugs, but also occasionally nerve-wracking. I want to record what they were like because I want to remember. Who knows when I’ll have another book published, if ever, so I really want to enjoy it. (I don’t mean that in a doomsday kind of way, but the process of creating a book is so long that it could be years and years and years before I get the opportunity again.) (I hope it’s not that long.)

I’ll start with Montreal.

Montreal launch!The crowd at D&Q. I especially like this photo because Kenneth & I were discussing Lesley‘s surprise party, which was held the next evening, and I was pretty excited about it.

The Montreal launch was held at Drawn & Quarterly on Friday night, and I only spent a few hours at work before admitting that my concentration was shot. My co-workers are wonderful, and many even attended the launch, so no one minded when I snuck out in the early afternoon.

Montreal launch!Signing books and Caro‘s excited face in the background!

Drawn & Quarterly is only a short walk from where I live, and it’s one of my favourite bookstores, cozy and full of beautiful books, and the staff is always friendly. Jenner arrived soon afterwards (we were meeting for the first time!), and we poured plastic cups of red wine and unboxed bottles of beer for guests. It was a rainy, blustery day in Montreal and I was curious about who would brave the awful weather, but slowly the bookstore started filling up. It is such a nice feeling to see a room full of people you know or kind of know or don’t know at all, browsing through books, sometimes yours, waiting for you to start reading.

Montreal launch!Jenner reading from the intro to Rememberer

Jenner and Katie read from Rememberer, and I read from Bats or Swallows. The bookstore is a good atmosphere for reading – everyone pays attention (or at least is polite enough to act like they are). I was pleasantly thrown off when people laughed at the parts they were supposed to. (For those familiar with the book, I’ve been reading from “My Son, the Magician”.) After it was over, I signed books, chatted and contributed in finishing off the booze supply. Later I met with my best friends for a dinner at Senzala down the street for celebratory Brazillian food.

Montreal launch!

But let me tell you: when I got home on Friday night, just after midnight with mascara-smeary eyes and red wine stained lips, I was exhausted, exhilarated, tipsy, but also suddenly drained. I’d been trying my best to not be overtly nervous about everything, but after it was over and I was at home, I let myself acknowledge that in addition to the happy-excited-grateful feelings, I’d also been nervous and stressed out. It was a bit of a delayed reaction, and it felt really intense at the time, as things tend to feel when it’s after midnight and what you really should be doing is sleeping. But, I got it out of my system and woke up feeling an uncomplicated, easy happiness. I woke up wanting a greasy brunch. So I had one.

Andrew took these photos, naturally.

Caroline also did a lovely recap of the Montreal launch over here:

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