Now You're Supposed to Miss Me

I wanted to write a post about the readings I’ve done in the past 2 weeks, and I’ll get around to it soon, but I’m feeling worded out right now and am instead posting an entry about mid-nineties nostalgia, a topic that is discussed in some form or another somewhere on the Internet on a weekly basis. I’m also currently working on a movie project set in that time frame. I should write about that sometime too! It’s still in its infancy, although Soraya and Chris have been working fantastically hard.

Here are my favourite articles I’ve read so far: Carl Wilson on The Gen-X Nostalgia Boom and Liz Barker’s I Hate All This Nevermind Nostalgia And Want To Die.

In all of this mid-nineties reminiscing, my thing is Canadian indie rock, the poppy, kind of twee, often lo-fi stuff that emerged mainly out of the Maritimes or Ontario (the bands in Ontario were the ones I was more likely to see at a Sunday afternoon all-ages show). I cut my teeth on these bands – a Sloan fanzine was my first zine, for instance. Wilson says in his article, “What is nostalgia good for, then? For one thing, it runs search-and-rescue missions against the disposability of consumer capitalism”, so on this evening where I don’t feel like typing many words, here is my personal search-and-rescue mission, my mid-nineties Canadian indie rock soundtrack, minus a few bands I didn’t have the heart to include (I’m looking at you, hHead) and yes, heavy on the Eric’s Trip side projects.

Oh youth, music with a little bit of fuzz, Canadian indie rock, etc.

6 thoughts on “Now You're Supposed to Miss Me

  1. thank you, teri!! also you should know that one night not so long ago in park slope, brooklyn, three former zinesters sat around the back patio of a bar and spoke at length about how awesome you are.

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