More talks with Darcie

I’m glad everyone has been enjoying this series of uninterviews. As someone who has devoted an embarrassing amount of hours to online chatting (hello former IRC users!), it’s nice to put those chatty skills to good use. I have more coming up in the pipeline too.

Recently Darcie edited another chat we did a few weeks ago and posted it to her site. Read it to find out how I deal with people asking me what my stories “mean”. Thanks, Darcie!

Of course, this evening after coming home from work and finding a copy of the latest Paris Review in my mailbox, I started reading the interview with Ann Beattie, a writer I’ve admired for a long time. She says it a little better than me:

It took me years and years to realize a very simple thing, which is that when you write fiction you’re raising questions, and a lot of people think you’re playing a little game with them and that actually you know the answers to the questions. They read your question. They don’t know how to answer correctly. And they think that if they could only meet you personally and look into your eyes, you could give them answers.

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