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I started work again last week, and am remembering the good and bad things associated with so much structured time: the pleasure of being busy, but also getting worn out by it; feeling virtuous when I remember to pack a lunch, but savouring a few moments of calm when I escape on my own; after work drinks with friends; weekend brunch.

And balancing writing while you work full-time: I’m easing into that too. To tell you the truth, I haven’t written much since returning in mid-September. I spent one afternoon writing a very rough draft of a new story, but it still needs a lot of work. I’ve been getting some ideas and scribbling them on post-it notes, but they don’t count as actual work. They’re more like bait – I have things to work on if I want to, if I can figure out a way to organize my time. I’m giving myself some breathing room from my novel, too. I need distance and told myself to leave it alone until the end of the month. Even reading has taken a bit of a back seat – I can’t seem to sink into a book these days. While I wait for my latest online order to ship, which includes books that will snap me out of my reading funk like Darcie’s (It’s out! Buy it!) and Sheila Heti’s newest, “How Should A Person Be?”, I’m reading essays from Jonathan Ames’ “The Double Life is Twice As Good”, which I downloaded to my Iphone and is perfect for metro commutes.

Working on a zine

This weekend, I relaxed into something other than writing and started laying out the zine I mentioned a few weeks ago. There was no writing left to do, just the tangible, visual stuff: cutting up the text, choosing images, figuring out the most efficient way to lay it out. I worked on the kitchen table for awhile, and when that got messy, moved to the floor.

Word on the Street(My dear friend Emily snapped this at Word on the Street last week)

I feel like I keep dangling these projects in front of you without telling you how you can actually get them. So here’s a run-down:

  • I’ve compiled ordering information for Bats or Swallows over here, along with details about readings: It’s now available for sale on the Invisible site, and if you’ve ordered it from Amazon, I’m told copies are starting to ship. Some people got copies at Word on the Street last week in Toronto.
  • The zine won’t be available until Canzine on October 24, and you’ll be able to buy copies of it directly from me.

The Toronto launch for the book is a go on November 8th. We’re figuring out the Montreal launch. I’ll be travelling to New York City at the end of November (for an unrelated fun reason that I’ll give you details for in a bit), and I really want to do a reading there. If anyone has any tips for that, let me know. At the very least I can do one while waiting in line for a Shake Shack burger, no? I still haven’t gone. Two birds, one stone.

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  2. I’m so excited for you, Teri — hope the launch planning goes well! I am eager to buy your book, of course, but also can’t wait to see the new zine. (I remember I first found you online thanks to one of my friends posting about Cement, Flour, Saints, and I could tell based on her recommendation that I needed my own copy!)

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