Launches ahoy!

Party time

Montreal: Friday November 5, Drawn & Quarterly – be there!!/event.php?eid=101613523241948&index=1

Toronto: Monday November 8, Dora Keogh – be there!!/event.php?eid=164378236920509&index=1

And… Toronto: If you can’t make it on Monday or if you want to see me another night or if you just wanna come to a good party, Katie, one of the contributers in Rememberer helped organize a launch for it on Tuesday November 9. 107 Shaw Gallery – be there!  I’ll be reading at this too.!/event.php?eid=103456643056575

5 thoughts on “Launches ahoy!

  1. hey Teri, congrats on the book being published and the upcoming launches! unfortunately I am on the other side of the country–wish I could make it!…fortunately Jon is in town and he is coming to the launch at Dora’s and armed with my wish to buy a book…can’t wait to pick it up…
    with good wishes,

  2. Thank you, Amanda! I will make sure Jon gets sent home with a book. We’re looking forward to seeing his show too. Hope you’re doing well in BC, keep in touch!

    Bonnie, I’m not usually this busy, but it’s nice once in awhile :)

  3. hiya!

    I bought your book at Canzine…I was the one that was all “I LOVE YOUR BLOG!”

    I’m sorry I missed your launch in Toronto this week. Are you thinking of attending BookCampMTL?

    Anyhoo, my roomie loves your book (she is a short story junkie)! It’s on my ‘too read’ pile and can’t wait to sink into it myself.

    Take care,

  4. Melissa, thanks for the comment! I don’t know much about BookCampMTL – I always thought it was more for publishers than writers? But I’ll look into it. I’m glad your roomie is liking the book, and I hope you do too.

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