Last post of 2010


Christmas vacation has officially begun, although the past few days have been decidedly festive: a potluck dinner with 10 of us crowding around a table eating 3 types of fowl and more types of wine, roasting marshmallows at the little Christmas village at the nearby park, rolling out cookies, watching Cirque du Soleil performers contort themselves into the most unbelievable positions while hanging from silk ropes or simply off each other, sitting on the floor wrapping presents, the ubiquitous office cocktail party, fa la la la la, you get the picture.


One quick trip to the Atwater market and then we’re heading out to Toronto for the holidays with a car full of presents and a cat (we’ve decided to let Archer accompany us on our Christmas travels). In Toronto I’m hoping to do a lot of baking, read some books and catch a late night Christmas day screening of True Grit.

2010 has been a good and important year for me, and it’s a little bittersweet to let it go, but I’m carrying a few talismans to remember it: photos and posters for our walls, new books in the shelves, a bunch of new words. I feel armed and ready to tackle another year. So, here’s to 2011 and to new words and new photos. Thank you for reading these posts and regardless of what you celebrate I hope it involves some kind of sweet, warm, freshly baked good and a few glasses of wine.

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