I think those of you that actually check up on this blog would know this but just in case:

Saturday September 13th
Redbird loft, 135 Van Horne, 8 PM

The Art of Trespassing is an anthology of 13.5 new stories about sneaking in, crossing over, and breaking through. Written by thirteen wire-cutting writers, each piece in this collection invites us to consider the relationships between people and the spaces they move through—real or imagined, geographical and personal—and reminds us that sometimes the best stories lie in the places between, the cracks where the weeds are poking through.

Join us on September 13th to celebrate the release of this awesome new book. The launch will include readings from several of the contributing authors, including:

Dan Gillean
Anna Leventhal
Sean Michaels
Jeff Miller
JB Staniforth
Michelle Sterling
Vincent Tinguely
Teri Vlassopoulos

And in Toronto:

Friday Sept. 19th
This Ain’t the Rosedale Library, 86 Nassau
6 pm

Anna Leventhal
Michelle Sterling
Wasela Hiyate
Teri Vlassopoulos

You can buy the book online over here:

And in other housekeeping matters, Andrew and I are moving and we’re having a garage sale on Saturday (Sept 13) (or Sunday if it’s rainy, I guess, which we’ve just come to expect this summer). If you live in Montreal and are curious about our junk, you’ll find us on the corner of Sherbrooke and des Erables (one east of de Lorimier) hawking our wares.

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