Go team!

Pre-Christmas cupcakeCupcakes for everyone!

A few times a week I’ll receive emails from the women on the Humber mailing group I belong to. Recently the chatter has been a little more exciting than usual. For instance:

- This is a biggie: our very own Darcie Friesen Hossack, author of Mennonites Don’t Dance, was just nominated for the 2011 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for best first book. She’s up there with Giller nominees, guys. You may remember Darcie on this site from our uninterview in August. We have the second uninterview forthcoming (which we did the evening before the nomination when Darcie had absolutely no idea what she’d wake up to the next morning). Kim, another member of the email group, recently wrote a fantastic review of the book on her blog.

- Lisa McGonigle, who’s from Ireland, currently living in New Zealand, but a Canadian ski bum at heart, just published her first book, Snowdrift, a memoir about her time in the Kootenays in BC. I’m eagerly waiting for my signed copy to arrive in the mail. I can’t wait to see Lisa’s warmth and hilariousness translated into book form. I wish I could’ve gone to her book launches out west, which involved lots of drinking, live bands in bookstores and general revelry.

- Susan Toy does an amazing job promoting books, and recently shared her wisdom at a talk at the Calgary Public Library. For those of us who couldn’t attend, she was kind enough to post the text to “Marketing Yourself and Your Work”. Read and learn!

- Susan Calder will release her first book, Deadly Fall, very soon, and was recently namedropped in the latest Quill & Quire in an article about the increasing popularity of mystery fiction.

- Oh hey, some of us (Vicky, Carin, moi) have taken on “literary voyeur” roles for Seen Reading. So, Montreal/Ottawa/GTA, don’t be alarmed if you see someone looking over your shoulder and taking notes about what you’re reading and what you look like. Okay, maybe be a little alarmed, but this is for a good cause.

Not too shabby, and I’m sure I’m forgetting some accomplishments. Also, this doesn’t even convey the general enthusiasm and support we provide each other. I have to say I’m quite proud – go ladies!

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  2. Very impressive – it must be very inspirational to be surrounded by such encouraging and talented people! Congratulations to all of you on your various successes; you definitely deserve that delicious-looking cupcake!

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  7. I love cupcakes, too! It would have been nice if some brownies were cooked with it, too! Lisa McGonigle has some nice pictures on her Facebook page. You can see her in some snowy places. Ireland is beautiful. Many of my ancestors are from there.

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