The collating problem from the other day has been solved, and mail will be going out tomorrow. God bless those train rides from Toronto to Montreal.

For those of you in Montreal, this weekend is Expozine, the small press/comic/zine fair. I’ve never been, but zine fairs are always fun and overwhelming and there are always lots of cute people walking around or selling stuff. So you should go spend your pocket money on zines instead of fancy coffees or jeans or drugs or whatever.

I won’t be tabling, but I will walk around with copies of my zine to trade and give away, so if you see me wandering aimlessly, tap me on the shoulder and say hi. But this is more exciting: back in September, Lesley and I decided to sign up for a Quebec Writers Federation workshop lead by Jon Paul Fiorentino. The workshop turned out to be wonderful and most of us in the workshop decided to quickly slap together a group zine for Expozine called “Stealing Genius”. I’ll post more details about it later on this week, but just so you know, Jon will be giving away copies of it with Matrix Magazine and while you may not want to pay copies for our workshop zine, you definitely want to spend cash on Matrix.

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