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Things have been kind of quiet on my front (slowly chugging away on some writing, preparing for year-end in my daytime accountant life, enjoying this last gasp of summer), but I quickly wanted to tell you about what you should do this Sunday October 2, 2011 if you live in Montreal:

Come to The Sparrow, buy yourself a few drinks and listen to a mind blowing line up of readers, one of whom is especially dear to me, Lesley Trites. You might also know her from her wine blog, Girl on Wine. Lesley and I have been literary sidekicks since we both moved to Montreal 5 years ago, and sidekicks in general for a few more years before that. We’ve read each others’ first drafts, been to countless poetry readings where we didn’t know anyone else but each other, drank many bottles of wine, and shared many milestones in each other’s lives (she was in my wedding!). So, yeah, you can say we’re tight. Which is why I’m so excited and happy about the launch of her first book of poetry, echoic mimic, which is being published by Snare Books. Lesley’s poetry is beautiful and surprising, and echoic mimic captures this perfectly. From the description of the book, it’s a “mixed-genre long poem whose narrative thread follows the tumultuous life of a girl named Ada through a complicated love-hate relationship with her small hometown and its inhabitants, as she leaves to land wide-eyed in a new big city.”

I’m going to do an uninterview with Lesley in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that as well, but in the meantime check out her site for details about readings she’ll be doing in the near future and how to order her book.

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