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To be honest, most of the news coming from this part of the world on Monday was pretty glum (for my vision of Canada, anyway – apparently the “majority” of Canada thinks otherwise), but between all of the emotional election chatter, I found out something unarguably awesome: Bats or Swallows was short listed for the 2011 Danuta Gleed Literary Award! The award is for best first collection of short fiction, and I was nominated with some pretty fantastic folks, the most fantastic (in my opinion) being Darcie Friesen Hossack, who by now you’ve realized is a good friend of mine. I’m excited and honoured to have been nominated for this award, and I also think it’s a great nod to my publishers at Invisible. Also: it’s a good excuse to buy a new dress and go to a fancy party in Toronto at the end of the month.

Here are some links about the award:

Here’s a new review of the book from the latest issue of Broken Pencil, too. Broken Pencil know my zine roots well (possibly too well if you read the reviews of my zines hidden in their archives, which I considered linking to and then decided against), and so it was nice for them to acknowledge the transition:

It’s easy to see how Vlassopoulos has evolved from years of zine making and why she has come to fiction so seamlessly…Like zines, Vlassopoulos strings together a variety of images and narratives, cutting them rough around the edges but leaving a patchwork of characters with dark corners. It’s another one of Invisible Publishing’s emerging authors who so strongly capture the trends and hopes of unconventional fiction.

So, yes, bubbly all around!

5 thoughts on “Danuta Gleed!

  1. What a lovely review. I love that they compared your stories to the creation of zines…really visual.
    Congrats again, Teri!

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