A facelift

A&E Bookstore

My website has been in dire need of a face lift for the past few months (years?) and with Andrew‘s help, here it is: still fairly simple, but prettier. It’s also a lot easier to navigate – you can read posts by categories (listed in the drop down menu on the side bar) or you can get to the most important sections by following the links at the top. (Andrew also took the photo of me on the About page. I’m on the balcony in Kipseli, looking happy, wearing a dress I bought for 7 euro this afternoon at H&M. Thanks, Andrew. And H&M, I guess, but mostly Andrew!)

From now on the site will be located at http://bibliographic.net, so update your links accordingly or resubscribe to the RSS feed on the sidebar. When I initially registered bibliographic.net years ago, a bunch of my girlfriends and I shared the domain. Over the years they’ve moved on to their own blogs (i.e. see Caroline, Lesley or Samantha’s sites), so I figured it would be easier to go back to the root of it all. Bibliographic.  Welcome, again.

Statcounter things

I could probably make a crossword puzzle out of the “Recent Keyword Activity” queries that lead people to this site. For example:

words to greet engaged people
how to word things
making things with flour
things in the word
word for things
things cement is made of
things for housekeeping
comforting words after losing someone
things to keep me warm
things I regret not doing in NYC

And whoever searched for these things:
personal essays on rainy days at a garage sale
zines and accounting firms

Let me know if you found anything useful at other sites. I’m intrigued by the garage sale personal essay. And I’m probably one of the top experts on the intersection of zines and accounting firms, so you should probably just email me about that.