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On Friday in Montreal it was a horrible rainy day. After work, I walked to the metro in that rain, but it had developed into the kind of rainstorm where your umbrella keeps turning inside out in the wind, and then you realize you’re going to get wet no matter what, so you put away your sad, broken-spoked umbrella, turn up the music in your earphones and curse a lot.

But it wasn’t so bad because I was holding 2 plastic bags filled with boxes of freshly copied zines and when I came home Andrew said, “Hello, published author!” and showed me my books, which had arrived in the mail that morning. I said, “I think I’m going to cry” and, given that my hair was a wet, frizzy mess and I was holding this droopy umbrella and too many bags, he thought something was wrong. “What happened?!” he asked, worried. “I’m HAPPY!” I said. I mean, obviously.

Things I Made

So now I have two new things I’ve made sitting in a pile on the kitchen table. You’ve heard a lot about the book, so here’s something about the new zine.

Places & Things

I keep thinking I won’t make another zine, but then, eventually I do. And because I wanted to write about my time in Greece in a tangible format and not just on this site, I put together a zine as well. Places & Things is mostly about Greece, but also other places I visited, and there are recipes too. This summer I read The Alice B Toklas Cookbook, and the zine owes a lot to that. Have you read it? It’s my favourite kind of food writing – more emphasis on the words than the practicality of the recipes. And this is even better because it’s filled with charming stories about Alice and Gertrude Stein travelling around France. There are recipes like “Bass for Picasso” and instructions for cooking 100 frog legs.  My zine (and recipes) are nowhere near as extravagant, but I respectfully borrowed Ms. Toklas’ format.

You can buy the zine from me here. I like to trade too if you want to go that route. You can also get it from me in person at Canzine in Toronto next Sunday or at Expozine in Montreal in a few weeks.

Oh, and I’ve been updating the book section of the site, so check it out if you have questions about getting a copy of it for yourself.

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