Book Update #7

Since March 1st my manuscript has been out of my hands. My editor is now reading through it and taking notes, and soon I’ll start working with her to see where it goes next. In the meantime, maybe you’d like to give me a few helpful hints?

I’ve contributed one of the stories that will be included in Bats or Swallows to Bite Size Edits, a site that strives to unleash your inner editor. The process starts with someone submitting a text – a story, a novel excerpt, whatever. The text is then portioned out into small sections (bite size, you might say) and members of the site can edit or approve the text as they see fit. These edits are given to the author, who rejects or accepts them. Participants get points as they edit. A game! If you’re the kind of person who dies a little when you see incorrectly placed apostrophe’s (kidding!) or if you’re one of those word game nerds who claimed to have originally signed up for a Facebook account to play Scrabulous (unlike the rest of us who signed up to spy on exes, crushes and frenemies) or if you just like to read, then you’ll have a lot of fun with this site. And anyone can submit text, so feel free to add your own. A bunch of writers much, much more established than me have submitted writing, and there’s something kind of satisfying about editing a big shot HarperCollins writer’s work, no?

So, please feel free to rip my story apart bite-sized bit at a time. Because I’m actually in the editing phase right now, I’ll take your suggestions seriously.

Here’s my profile with a link to the story.

And here’s the Bite Size Edits FAQ which explains how the site works better than I do.

P.S. There’s an amazing profile of Invisible on Torontoist. You should read it.

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