Book Update #4

Sam recently posted an entry describing what’s on her writing desk. I love those kinds of lists and the moment where you look around and realize that all those things you have hanging around add up to tell a story.

It’s really cold here in Montreal, the kind of cold that hurts, even if you’ve mastered the art of layering and have warm boots and a big fluffy down filled parka. So, I’ve spent most of the weekend holed up at home working on writing. And here’s what my writing desk looks like right now.

Writing desk

I have a tiny desk in the bedroom, which is potentially nice – I could stare out a window if I wanted to. But I’ve never gotten comfortable there and have used it instead as a place to pile up excess books. I prefer to write at the kitchen table, where I can spread my stuff out, where I have nicer light and more breathing space.

So, what you see:
The glow of the laptop screen, of course. There’s some tea to combat the cold. Printed out versions of stories for when I can’t stand to look at the screen anymore. You can see a book peeking out behind the screen (I was rereading Franny and Zooey; I know, I know, how typical). And then, way in the back? There’s Archer, who is normally not allowed on the table, but was trying to get my attention. So there you go, Archer, you made it into the photo.

3 thoughts on “Book Update #4

  1. My Tigger, may she rest in peace, used to sleep in a box, on a butler's tray, next to my desk. T'Abigail, on the other hand, prefers to snuggle on my lap, encouraging me to spend long swaths of time working, but also leaning unergonomically forward while balancing my toes on my chair's legs. Cute! but I'm going to need chiropractic care soon :)

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