Back to work, back to NYC

Expozine table

After the book launches died down, I spent a long day at Expozine in Montreal, where I shared a table with Molly, who I’ve known through zines since we were both in high school. We used to write letters to each other because neither of us had an email address – that’s how far back we go. I picked up some beautiful zines, which I should tell you about one of these days. There’s been a revival of sorts among zinesters I used to know, and there’s something very comforting about it.

Recent books

I’ve also picked up these books at various readings or zine fairs, and I’m slowly working my way through the pile. (So far I have very good things to say about Sheila Heti’s newest, “Three Deaths” by Josip Novakovitch and the poems in “The Lateral” by Jake Kennedy.)

And finally, for the first time since I left Greece in September, I pulled out a copy of my novel draft and read all 70,000+ words, after which I realized how much work I had to do, got tired, and baked a batch of Madeleines, and then some weirdly flat whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and then a big pot of boeuf bourguignon instead of tackling edits. And then I got really full over the shock and went back to work. I’m feeling stubborn about this particular project.

Actually, there’s one thing I can do to get away from fretting about a book that no one really cares about: skip town and head to New York City. Naturally, right? So, this Saturday, Andrew and I are flying to NYC where we’re looking forward to hanging out with Soraya, eating as much amazing food as possible, visiting the Stieglitz/Strand exhibit happening at the Met, etc. But the real reason for the trip is this:

Elevator Alley
60 pages, 20 color photographs, published by Furnace Press, NY
A photo documentation and critical analysis of the largely derelict Childs Street grain elevators in Buffalo’s First Ward, Elevator Alley tackles the history, present and future of the giant structures that played a central role in Buffalo’sindustrial development and subsequent decline.

Andrew took all the photographs and Michael Cook wrote all the text. (For those keeping score, Andrew and Michael have collaborated once before on um, criminal charges.) The book is being launched, along with 2 others, on Tuesday November 30th at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. If you’re in the area, please come – it will be fun, there will be booze, Andrew and Michael will present their work, and you can get a copy of a truly gorgeous book.

More info about Elevator Alley:

These past few months have been an excellent period for book publishing in the Emond-Vlassopoulos household, and we hope to the trend continues far into the future.

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