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Re: Life

Teri Vlassopoulos is back in Toronto after a few years in Montreal and a stint in Athens, Greece. She lives in the east end with her husband, daughter and cat. She likes, among other things, books, breakfast and roadtrips. She’s a CPA, but please don’t ask her for tax advice.

Re: Writing

Teri Vlassopoulos’s first collection of short stories, Bats or Swallows, was released in Fall 2010 by Invisible Publishing, and was shortlisted for the Danuta Gleed Literary Award for best first collection of short fiction and the ReLit Award. Her fiction has appeared in literary magazines such as Room Magazine, carte blanche and Kiss Machine, and has been shortlisted twice for This Magazine‘s Great Canadian Literary Hunt. Her non-fiction has been included in the anthologies The Art of Trespassing (Invisible Publishing) and She’s Shameless: Women write about growing up, rocking out and fighting back (Tightrope Books) and published at The Toast, The Rumpus and The Millions.  She also wrote, photocopied, stapled and sometimes sewed the zines melt the snow and The Second Part. She is the Cookbookslut columnist for Bookslut.com. Her novel, Escape Plans (Invisible Publishing), is forthcoming in October 2015.

Re: Correspondence and Other Means of Communication

Details about Bats or Swallows

Email: teri.vlassopoulos@gmail.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/terki