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My book was officially published on October 1, although copies arrived from the printer early, so it was sold at Word on the Street in Toronto at the end of September. I’d forgotten the feeling of holding your own book; it’s so, so great.

Here are ways you can get a copy! (I’ll update as other options open up.)

  • Directly from Invisible Publishing. There’s an international shipping option for anyone outside of Canada:
  • The usual online retailers: (it’s not on yet); Indigo.
  • From your local, independent bookstores! Ask someone working there to order a copy (Publisher: Invisible Publishing; ISBN-10: 1926743563; ISBN-13: 978-1926743561).
  • Ask your local library branch to order a copy (see the info above). If you live in Toronto, you can place a hold here.
  • An epub version is available as well!
  • Oh, it has a Goodreads page.

- Toronto launch is on Sunday November 15 and the Montreal launch is on Thursday November 26! See this entry for more details.

(I’m still sending out emails through TinyLetter as well, infrequently, so don’t worry about me spamming your inbox.)

Thank you, and happy reading!


Travelling to Europe with a Baby

I just spent a month in Greece with Clara. A few people have asked me how it went and what tips I had, so I thought I would collect them in one post before I forget. Clara was 7-8 months while we were away, so past the newborn napping lump phase, but not fully mobile yet either. She figured out how to crawl half-way through the trip, and also realized that she wanted to pull up to standing whenever she could, so things got trickier once that happened. She also sprouted her two top teeth — drool machine, but thankfully not especially fussy. Anyway, tips!

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