Winter tally.

(View from Mount Nemo during a snowy winter hike.)

Hey, the winter is almost – not quite, but almost – over. It’s been a long season, and there have been good parts and bad parts, but I’m glad that we’ve survived it.  I’ve been keeping busy. I started a pottery class at the beginning of the year and remembered how satisfying it is to do something creative that isn’t writing.

(Bottoms of bowls that I made.)

Pottery hasn’t come to me easily; I still rely on my teacher to fix my mistakes or give me cues on what to do next, but the other day I was glazing a bunch of bowls and I could tell in which order I’d made them because they’d gotten progressively better over time. Still a little wonky, still a little too thick on the bottom, but incrementally better. That was nice – progress!

(Speaking of omens, here’s Maya pulling a Tarot card.)

But I have been writing too. My monthly Bookslut column (December, January, February, March). Some fiction that still needs lots of work. This essay on The Toast, about odds and omens and Alice Munro and Lou Reed and other things, which I wrote a draft of, sat on for a while and then finally submitted for publication. I’m glad I did; I’m glad those words are out in the world.

I hope you’re well and that you’ve been keeping warm. More soon.