Ways to Cook an Egg

Eggs, garlic scapes, fresh herbs

I didn’t make many resolutions this year, but one of them was to work on other forms of writing, not just fiction. I especially wanted to practice writing about food. I’ve always loved a particular type of food writing – wordy, heavy on the personal side, not so much preoccupied with recipes or techniques. I often resisted writing about food because I’m not an above average cook, I don’t have the most refined palate and various other reasons that were really just excuses. So, I set up a new blog and have resolved to write one food essay per month during 2013. A place to figure things out and exercise a different writing muscle.

The site is over at http://waystocookanegg.tumblr.com, and my first essay is called Drawing Lines. It does not give any suggestions on ways to cook an egg, but I’ll get there eventually. I also use the space to post bits of food related marginalia I’ve found online over the years.

Bon appetit!

Next Big Thing

Happy New Year, everyone! I love these first few days of the year when everything seems fresh and manageable and bright. I had the nicest New Year’s Eve I’ve had in awhile: dim sum and rollerskating. It was a fun, lighthearted way to kick off 2013; I hope it bodes well for the rest of the year.


And 2013 already seems promising. A new story of mine was published over at Little Fiction. “The Most Serene Republic” is about wanting to get engaged, and money, and it’s set in Paris. Little Fiction is one of my favourite lit sites out there and I’m really pleased with how it turned out. (Thanks, Troy!)

Speaking of writing, Saleema tagged me in this fun “Next Big Thing” meme. I don’t think I’ve done a pass-it-on quiz like this since my Livejournal days! I’m working on something new, but it’s still too early in the writing/first draft-y process to answer the questions below, so I’ll answer it for my more completed project.

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