Book Update #8

Easter Weekend, Niagara Falls

A quick update to tell you that there isn’t much to update you on. I’ll start working with my editor in a week, and then maybe I’ll have more illuminating thoughts to give you about that process. In the meantime I’m relishing time away from thinking about the stories and have been busy with other things, like my day job, reading the exquisite “Gilead” by Marilynne Robinson, rereading Lawrence Durrell’s “The Greek Islands”, learning about criminal law via my husband’s recent experiences (more on that another time), feeling sentimental about my thirtieth year on this earth (it was the best year, guys), cleaning out cupboards, trying to teach myself how to write grant applications (not for myself, but maybe one day), still listening obsessively to Joanna Newsom, looking longingly at summer clothes, trying to curb my excitement about Greece so that I actually get things done before we leave, etc.